Friday, September 19, 2014

Space Rockets (1958)

Toys in Space #7

The last of my Toys in Space posts.

This punch-out is really the earlier version of the 1961 Astronauts book. It is amazing how much changed in 3 years as the space program became a reality. I like the choices you have of different rockets. We have a Vanguard rocket, A U.S. Army Jupiter C, an X-17 rocket plane, and a "Bonestell/von Braun" 3 stage Z-1 heavy lifter. In addition we have a circular space station, a moon lander and a Sputnik.

Space Rockets to Punch Out and Assemble. New York: Golden Press. 1958. Giant Funtime Books

There is the X-17 rocket-plane, a "logical" extension of what was guess to be the first manned vehicle to get into space. Next to it is the Vanguard rocket.

 Compare these astronauts to the Mercury ones in the the 1961 book. I suspect that adding the Sputnik was their way of recognizing the space race.
 Observe the "Manned Satellite top and body" for the circular space station in this one
 And notice the Explorer-type (Jupiter C) satellite in this one and the "US Army" on the rocket. There still was no NASA.

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