Thursday, July 24, 2014

Oceans and Orbits (1980)

This is outside of the date scope of my usual posts but as I was sorting through books last week the illustrations in here reminded me of the previous book On the spacecraft (1968). A little psychedelic space art for a hot July day.

This is a textbook that is an anthology of children's fiction and non-fiction.

Eller, William Eller; et al. Oceans and orbits. River Forest, Ill. : Laidlaw Bros.216 p. 1980
The Laidlaw reading program, level 13.

Those in the know see how this story seems to mix a early 1960s animal astronaut with a Gemini capsule. which seems to be on its way to the Moon.

Luckily a friendly alien sends the dog home to his master. The next story (or really art from the story) is a futuristic flight on a space shuttle in the year 2025.

These next few illustrations are wonderful surrealistic journeys into outer space (art).

Look for more wild stuff soon.

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