Tuesday, February 11, 2014

An Adventure in Space (1968)

From the fanciful to the realistic. An Adventure in Space shows a trip to the Moon in simplified terms. It encourages students to study science and prepare for our future in space.

An Adventure in Space. Illustrated by P.A. Bertolino. Published by the Smithsonian Institution with permission of General Electric Company, Missile & Space Division.(24 p.) 22 cm. Softcover.

 A nice little educational pamphlet for older students about traveling to the Moon. Statements from Jame A. Lovell, Jr. inside the front cover and by Wernher von Braun inside the back.

The drawings are very simple and show 3 boys as they take a trip to the Moon.

The enthusiasm for the flight shows on the boys' faces. And the book does a good job of making it feel like an adventure.

What child doesn't want to lift his friend on the Moon?

Of course there is no adventure without your teachers and parents having you do your homework. The pamphlet ends with a final message about preparing for the future.

And back to class....

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