Friday, December 20, 2013

Disney History of Flight Ball (1958?)

Not really sure of the age of this but I love stuff about Disney and spaceflight and it is around 1956-1960. Anyway what could be better this time of year than a new (old) space toy? Part of the line of Kestral Disney inflatable pool toys.

I am suggesting that the images tell a story from early attempts at rockets and ballooning to a voyage to the Moon to modern individual rockets (with Donald, Mickey, Goofy, etc.) It makes me smile and certainly it was never intended to be around 50 years later.  Happy Holidays!!!


  1. That a beautiful space ball John. Fabulous graphics. Hope you and all your readers have a great Xmas and New Year. Woodsy at Moonbase Central.

  2. Just wanted to say Happy New Year John. Thanks for all the great space books. I still don't know how you manage to find them all! Cheers! Woodsy