Friday, November 22, 2013

Timothy's Space Book (1961)

Allward, Maurice. Illustrated by North, T.E. Timothy's Space Book. London : Collins. (44 p.) 21 cm. Illustrated Boards. 1961

ID. Primary. B&W and color drawings and paintings. Basic text includes a history of space flight, basic rocket theory, and plans for Project Mercury. Contains many beautiful illustrations of rockets, spacesuits, space stations, the surface of the Moon, and the planets.

Here is another lost gem of a children's book.  Maurice Allward was a well known and prolific writer of British non-fiction children's books.

It covers both the, current at the time, space efforts and the potential for future exploration.


  1. I grew up with this book. Would love to get a copy.

  2. I had this book as a school prize in 1965, but was lost by parents who were supposed to be looking after it 'gutted'.

  3. I got this book as a gift sometime in 1963 or 64 and still have it. The most interesting page is the one that discusses vegetation on Mars and shows someone petting a Martian dog!

  4. This book, and indeed the entire ‘space race’, had an enormous influence on my life. I still have my copy, much worn and loved, which I dated 1963 in the “This book belongs to” page: I would have been 5-years old:)

  5. I've been thinking about this book a lot lately, such an important part of my childhood - so pleased to find it here!