Friday, September 27, 2013

Eagle Has Landed: The story of lunar exploration (1970) (part 1)

This is another of those post-Apollo 11 books which takes advantage of the aerospace industry and NASA publicity stills and paintings regarding the next lunar expeditions.  While you probably have seen some of these I like how it presents for children the idea that landing on the Moon was just the beginning. Since there are a lot of illustrations I will make this a "two parter."

Dwiggins, Dwight. Eagle has Landed: The Story of Lunar Exploration. San Carlos, CA: Golden Gate Jr. Books. (80 p.) 28 cm. 1970

This book describes the Moon landings, the story of Apollo, what lunar geologists were expecting to find and what is beyond Apollo.  The photographs are pretty standard but the section "Beyond Apollo" shows these wild ideas. 

First off : Space Stations of the Future!!!

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