Friday, November 16, 2012

Fight for Speed (1952)

Another early Russian children's book. This book was about the wonders of technology, how it would improve and change the world.  I have chosen to take just the space flight portion for today's highlight.

Lyapunov, B. Fight for Speed. Moscow: Young Guard, (238 p.) 1952

 Detail of the cover, a great image!

This is a typical illustration from the majority of the book, how technology is used in land, sea, and space in the "fight for speed".

This diagram suggests a V-2 rocket tail and the basics of rocket propulsion.

Illustrations from the history of rocketry (Russian version) with the ideas of escape velocity, rocket motors, and multi-staged rockets.
The Russian artists really love to illustrate Saturn as a planet for conquest, probably because it was so pretty in the background.


An excellent space station

 The first men to see the Moon from up close. I especially like the "lever" controls for the rocket.

 I continue to be facinated how the western and eastern visions of our space future were passed on in such similar illustrations.

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