Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Life on Mars" from This Week May 8 (1960) part 2

We come to the last part of "Life on Mars." I know this was a very different set of postings than my usual but I hope you enjoyed them. 

First off I wanted to share this because it is pretty cool to read such a wild story by Wernher von Braun.  He designs space ships a lot better than he writes.  However it also points out his philosophical side. For all the terrible things he was involved in he was also a dreamer. He dreamed that if this was possible where might we go.

Second my job at the University gets very busy this time of year, instead of few posts this was a way to have a whole set pre-made with some interesting images. So once again I will start digging through my stacks of space stuff and try to share something you may not have seen. Thanks for "watching".

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