Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Next 50 Years on the Moon (1974) part 3

I continue my exploration of our alternative future of Moon exploration as outlined in:

Bergaust, Erik. The Next 50 Years on the Moon. New York: GP Putnam's Sons. (94 p.) 24 cm. 1974.

 The details laid out in their proposal are amazing.  By combining older aerospace paintings and NSA projections and timetables the author conveys an interesting possible future.

I like this prediction that by 2015 "this whole moon business" would become ordinary.  Little did they suspect that even by 1975 much of the American public had moved on from being concerned about what we were doing in space.

 A final science fiction note from the author suggesting that when the first baby is born in a new "territory" is when we really have started colonization.
The proud mom :)

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  1. I wonder if they had thought of recycling in terms wider than air and water? If they had considered what the lunar city would do with their trash? Or was trash still a non issue back then?