Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dreams of Space welcomes Boing Boing readers!

Welcome Boing Boing readers!

I am honored by your clicks and want to provide a rebutal to the "League Of People Who Like To Download Large Images To Their Swipefile (LOPWLTDLITTS, or Lopwiltidlit, for short). "

While some images are small, most will enlarge to a much more satisfying size if you click on them.  Try it below:

This looks small but if you click, it is a giant downloadable image!

That is the cool Australian version of this 1956 American board game:

This is part of the ephemera part of my blog. I love all this cool space stuff for kids from the 1950s and 1960s.  Especially if it was part of the "future to come". I have had a family illness for the past few months but I am resuming blogging regularly so check back if you can.

Here is the board for the game and the instructions so you can play at home. remember to click on the image.


  1. Vintage space art fans unite! I am so in love with your blog - YAY !

  2. Good stuff! I've long been very nostalgic for the Tomorrowland I grew up with in the 70's. It's nearly unrecognizable today from how it was back then. This all sounds more confusing than it is ;)

  3. thanks for making available the big size scans!


  4. Those are still awfully small. If it fits on your screen at 1:1 it's too small. Also, GIFs?