Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scholastic NewsTime January 18 (1968)

Scholastic Books had several newsmagazines for children. For the younger ones it was My Weekly Reader and for the older ones it was NewsTime.  It was longer articles, stories, and features.  This issue had a couple of items of interest to me. The first is the cover about trying to solve our trash situation. They suggest that launching it into space might be an option but suggest that the Moon is now off-limits since we were headed there soon.

The second is this very interesting opinion article about whether we should go to the Moon or not.  It shows how the glow of the space race was beginning to wear off as critics were sharing that the money could be better spent other ways.  The race to the Moon was taking too long for some people and alternative views were being shared even with the school children.

The last article is almost an rebuttal to the previous debate. It shows a very nice illustration of our Moon Base.  It is actually the next page in the magazine after the space debate.  It suggests that our landing on the Moon was inevitable and there were some who thought we should have accomplished it sooner. It amazes me that my memories of school and space flight were shown in these magazines.  In 1963 we were in love with space and by 1971 we were bored with it.

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