Friday, February 18, 2011

The Mars Rocket (Die Marsrakete) (1956)

This one is not a book but does have some very nice space art in it.
Die Marsrakete (1956). Instead it is one of the many children's story records that were issued in the 1950s and 1960s.  Record players moved from the living room to the playroom in the 1950s and children had a vast number of records intended just for them.

Once again I do not read German but can get a sense of the storyline from the illustrations.  First of course are children given the opportunity to ride on a rocket. In some stories they sneak on and in others a friendly scientist "uncle" invites them on a trip.

From the expression on the rocket professor's face it looks like he was not planning to launch these boys to Mars. I will guess they snuck aboard or were accidently launched.

Luckily (this was the early space age) something went wrong and instead of going to Mars the rocket capsule came down in the Middle East.  I might not have called this "Mars Rocket" but rather "an unexpected rocket trip". But even with false advertising the images are very beautiful.

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  1. Unfortunately, the text is cropped at the right side in the professor picture. So I cannot give a thorough translation. I cannot even make much out of the text because of the missing words.

    But there seems to be a presentation from the professor in front of an audience and something goes wrong. He thinks about sabotage and calls for police, firefighters. Something has happened to his rocket.

    Passengers on the rocket seem to be the sons of professor Hohenstirn (high forehead — other word for bald head … or possibly … egghead) and diploma engineer Sechskant (hexagonal bolt).

    The sons could be rescued alive from the failed rocket which could land. But lots of diplomatic paperworks and letterwriting had to be done until the sons could rejoin their fathers. (Apparently, there seem to be things that never will change …)

    What the fathers had to say to their sons under four eyes at home is as “top secret” as the technical details of the Mars rocket before.