Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Moon for Young Explorers (1963)

Back to the salt mines with a charming yet twisted book. The content is pretty standard for 1963 but the illustrations in this one seem strangely warped by artist license.

Fenton, Carroll Lane. Illustrated by Fenton, Carroll Lane. The Moon for Young Explorers. New York : John Day. (64 p.) 21 cm.
I think it is because the drawings were based on some of the first Apollo prototype drawings, so they seem much more speculative than real.

This is a basic book about conditions found on the Moon and the present and future exploration of the Moon.

Those of us who loved Major Matt Mason also loved this space suit. Very much like how Bonestell paintings of Moon mountains were much "better" than the reality. This space suit "rocks". It seems much more futuristic and cool.

Although when you see a lot of them together it does look a little like an ant colony has invaded the Moon :) Maybe it is just the dual antennas.
Where's my moonbase!
Finally here are 3 moon cars. each one is bizarre and beautiful it its own way. As much as there were lots of possible space suits, I miss the wide variety of moon vehicles that were predicted to be used on the moon.

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