Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Voyage dans L'espace (1958)

Travel in Space! This was another example of space stamps in hidden places. Published in both Belgium and France my best guess is that these were albums for stamps that someone would get from consuming chocolate.

I also have the Dutch version with the same stamps

The stamps are beautiful full color tiny paintings.

It seems possible that the launch of Sputnik 1 created an advertising opportunity. The painting are "Bonestellesque". The artist seems to be R. En R Das (which why I think these started as a Dutch book). The author was P.R.O. Peller (which seems like a pseudonym doesn't it?).

These space station shots are minor masterpieces for their detail and impressionistic feel.

I also like the flotilla of moonships in primary colors.

I also really like the moonbase. The illustration of the construction and planning make me wish these had been issued as separate prints rather than hidden in an obscure book.


  1. what a diminutive masterpiece collection they are! Moonships are especially beautiful - looks like a chain of DNA!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I'd certainly have been willing to consume vast quantities of chocolate for a set of these.

    -- Michael S.