Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3-D Adventure in Space (1953)

Another oddity that I don't know much about. It is a fictional story from Britain of a space adventure with 3-d pictures of models they built for the story. You can also see they used some of the space figures available at the time to add "realism". The ships are not very realistic but the space station and "moon base" are fun to see. Sorry I can't give you the 3-d glasses but you get the idea :)

P.S. "The Russians are coming!"


  1. This looks like an amazing book! I love old-school 3D.

    I'll admit, your blog is probably going to end up costing me money... Some of these books are just fantastic!

  2. I recently found an ad in an Australian newspaper for this book and I was pleased to find this site that showed some of its contents. I found it on the NLA newspaper site -