Monday, February 2, 2009

What is this all about?

(from: 1930. Fontany, Elena. Drawings by John Dukes McKee. Other Worlds Than This.)

I have a whole bunch of space crap. That is to say I have a large collection of books and ephemera about space flight. I have been collecting children's non-fiction books about spaceflight for 19 years and have lots of other ephemera that supplements my collection.

I have a very nice site which shows off my favorites from my collection and has a nice level of traffic.

But I want more. Almost every book or paper "bit" I own has a story behind it. Either a story of what it is or the story of what it shows. I would like to capture these stories on paper as well as share my collection in depth. So I will try to see how many postings I have in me. If nothing else it will be a fun ride.

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