Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Daily Mail annual : The next great adventure (1952)

The Daily Mail Annual for 1952 was one of many british annuals for children that came out that year. The annual concept was a collection of short stories, factual articles, pictures, and sometimes games or comic strips. Image Jack and Jill magazine if it only came out annually. What is the star in this is "The Next Great Adventure" by Ralph A. Smith.

R.A. Smith was one of the great space artists who died far too young. He worked closely with the BIS (British Interplanetary Society) helping its members illustrate space flight concepts. He worked with Arthur C Clarke on a number of his early book and his illustrations are a treat.

Most of his work appeared in black and white so this story is one of the few times you got to see his color work

Evidently he did not paint on his own, but only on commission to paint a particular concept. This was an early plan for a manned space capsule

This painting shows the bug-like BIS lunar lander

While this one show the BIS concept for a space station.

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