Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Weekly Reader 1957-1958

This is a different post today. I loved My Weekly Reader when I was in elementary school. It was both slacker time to read in class and a chance to read about cool space stuff. These are a few I have found from the 1950s showing the start of the space age.

December 1957: We have decided how the U.S. is going to catch up to the shock of Sputnik.

By March of 1958, after a successful launch in Jan. (finally!) we show that we have this space thing under control and are planning to send U.S. men into space soon.

By November 1958, it is "Here we come, Moon!" We had a confidence that this space travel thing wasn't as hard as the Russians made it out to be. My Weekly Reader told me so.

And now a little quiz from Sept 1958 to see "What do you know about space?"


  1. They sure don't make them like they used to. I wish they would bring back the good old days and make the old type again. The 1964 version was awesome. It was like thick newspaper but memorable. I looked forward to when the teacher would pass them out in class. I was in second grade but I sure did feel special with one in my hand.

  2. Talk about fond memories! My love of history and current events was fueled by my 6th grade teacher, at Howell Elementary School in Racine, WI,(during my grade school yrs. of 1965-1966). We remain in contact and I still address him as Mr. M.

    He distributed the Weekly Reader each Friday afternoon. He would walk around the room counting the number of children to make sure the exact number of copies were handed out. I was full of excitement, knowing I could take a copy of the Weekly Reader home and read the newsletter from cover-to-cover in the comfort of my bedroom.

    The Viet Nam War was in full swing and between watching ABC reporter Peter Jennings cover the war and my chance to read the newsletter aloud in class, I was in pure Heaven! To this day I attribute my good reading skills, positive self-esteem to those early years, encouraged and guided by a teacher who really cared for his students.

  3. I remember the Weekly Reader in Kaahumanu Elementary School in Honolulu. It was the most "digestible" form of information I can imagine. I sometimes read today about new research and other news "bombshells" that I already knew 60 years ago because of the Weekly Reader.

  4. I remember an issue circa 1963 or 64 where they talked about a Fallout Shelter in a mountain where the 'goverment will be safe in case of nuclear war'. There was even a photo that I clearly remember of a workman adjusting a giant spring that was part of the building's shock-proof foundation and again the caption explained that this 'spring' was a giant shock absorber. Well they sure as hell stopped telling us about that kinda thing didn't they? Anyne know how we can search for that issue?

  5. I truly believe Weekly Reader is the reason I read so much and enjoy science and history. I clearly remember reading about the International Geophysical Year in Antartica! It was so wonderful to come back from lunch on a Friday and see our Weekly Readers on our desks!!! I feel so sorry for my grandkids they just can't get that from a computer .

  6. Dear Weekly Reader friends, I am seeking a weekly reader that shared how the Soviet Union took away children at an early age (4-5 years old) to test them for physical abilities such as gymnastics, weight living, and so on. That article had an effect on me that I have never been able to not recall it. Now this same taking of children from their families without cause, without evidence, and without a warrant is happening across our nation. I would love to find that article. thank you!

  7. I've been thinking about this weekly reader for weeks. It helped me make a difference to my siblings, I being the oldest, loved teaching my siblings what I got from my weekly reader. For some reason, I remember in the back page, cartoon maybe, a monkey, comic strip? Not sure. But I am thankful to see this and brings back so many beautiful memories. Thank you.