Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rockets to explore the unknown (1964)

Rogers, Don E. Illustrated by Bakacs, George. Rockets to Explore the Unknown. Racine, WI: Whitman Pub Co. (59 p.) 22 cm.

Thisi s another of those treasures that rapidly slipped out of sight. A Whitman "Learn About book" it is filled with great illustrations about our future. The delta winged rocket on an Air Force rocket was the future at the time.

I love this image of the conquest of Mars (or wherever). Sometime I'll create a posting of all the different images of a U.S. flag claiming the Moon, Mars, etc. We are used to calling it propaganda when we see an image of a soviet flag claiming the moon (or currently a Chinese flag) but this reoccurring image was presented to children in many of the U.S. books of the time.

The text focuses on how rockets work and the future uses of rockets. It also includes a chapter on nuclear powered ion engines.

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