Friday, September 7, 2018

Build Your Own Moon Settlement (1973)

Yeah September is here, which means I am off the web for a while so I wanted to leave you with a "juicy" post.  This is an amazing book called "Build Your Own Moon Settlement." It is both a craft book and a space architecture book.  

Written by a real architect it is not an "adult" book but seems more directed to older children and curious/crafty adults. It is hard to find and I have never had the nerve to actually build the Moon settlement.  Basically the last few pages of the book is the punch-outs that you can fold into various structures. 

Wilson, Forrest. Build Your Own Moon Settlement. New York: Pantheon Books. (32 p.) 21 x 28 cm. Softcover. 1973

With very limited "space art" this book is a craft book that allows you to build cardboard models of some of the major modules a Moon settlement would need. Written by an architect, its 27 pages of text outline his ideas for how a colony would work. A unique book, characteristic of this post-Moon landing period. 

I don't have a lot to add right now, I just really enjoy his line drawings of the moon buildings and their intended functions. I hope you enjoy them too.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Safari in Space (1958)

My 600th post!

Again its summer and here is a piece of ephemera from the height of the beginning of the space race in 1958.  Some decorated pads of paper! I am not sure if there were just for children or just anyone who wanted an "trendy" note pad but I dig them. Enjoy!

 "Since the days of legendary Icarus and his father, man has dreamed of flight to the stars"

Friday, August 24, 2018

Porter Outer Space Manual: Conquering Outer Space Through Chemistry (1957)

This is another invisible children's book.  Porter Chemical Company was the big provider of chemistry sets to children and teens.  Many of their sets included an educational manual on different science topics.  

So in 1957 everything was about the coming space age as part of a boom in science educational toys spurred by the Space Race between the US and USSR in the late 1950s.

Porter Outer Space Manual: Conquering Outer Space Through Chemistry. Charles E. Franzke and Robert T. Young. Hagertown: Maryland. The Porter Chemical Company.  (48 pp.) 1957. Softcover

I blogged about a different version of this (maybe just a different cover) in 2012:

  This last section on an imaginary journey into space is worth reading.

 They saw themselves with a mission.