Friday, March 22, 2019

Come to Work with Us in Aerospace (1970)

Wilkinson, Jean and Ned. Photos by Lee Fray. Drawings by Roy Hurst. Come to Work with Us in Aerospace. Milwaukee, WI : Sextant Systems.  (48 p.) 1970.

This is one of the many career books written for elementary schools. I happen to really enjoy the children posed in various aerospace jobs. It is a nice snapshot of 1970s aerospace.

The format was a photograph, a bit of  poetic text and a cartoon figure doing the job.

I especially like the Project Manager as they have to figure out what everyone needs to do. But I really like how it is exactly what get a child to dream of what do they want to do someday.

Friday, March 15, 2019

La Corsa Alla Luna (1963)

My first Italian Space book! I have been slowly (since my language skills are so poor)  trying to find children's books about space in other languages. This was one of the first I found that I know most of you have never seen.

Fontanella, C. La Corsa Alla Luna. Milano : Edikon. (31 p.) (1963).

It seems to be part of an encyclopedia for children about various topics including: water, air, mars, and whales.

 The illustrations are pretty basic but nicely done.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Susie Saucer and Ronnie Rocket (1954)

Here is a rather fun children's fictional story about romance. I did not read it in detail but thought some of these illustrations speak for themselves. Basically a nice saucer from Venus meets and falls in love with a missile from Earth. (see below)

Claire, Stella. Illustrated by Edward Andrewes. London : Werner Laurie. (61 p.) 1954

 Jets chasing UFOs but she evades them and then she meets a very nice young missile.

 She gets too playful and ends up in the mud.
 After some action with Saucers and The Justice from Jupiter, Susie and Ronnie get together to live on Venus.

Friday, March 1, 2019

A Trip to Polaris: Or 264 trillion miles in an Aeroplane (1923)

Just a very quick (and short) one today. 

Muir, Charles S. A Trip to Polaris: Or 264 trillion miles in an Aeroplane.  Washington, D.C. : The Polaris Company. 63 pages : illustrations ; 17 cm.  1923.

Evidently it also went with a game: "Polaris or the great 264 trillion mile aeroplane race." 
Also not many illustrations of interest, except this one:
The text is interesting as another of those early non-fiction children's books trying to teach about space.

Of course it was all a dream....

Friday, February 22, 2019

Journey to a New Earth (1970)

Journey to a New Earth (1-3). Sheila McCullagh. Illustrated by G Alfo Quin. Belmont, CA : Lear Siegler, Inc. (3 x 32 p.) Softcover 1970

The last one in the series is about interstellar exploration. The technology of the voyage is glossed over and they find dinosaurs :) but it is enjoyable to see this kind of journey illustrated for children. I also like how the space station and their interstellar ship seem very influenced by 2001 designs.

 Note they are planning to travel at the speed of light for 12.5 years to get to their destination 11 light years away. (12.5 years there, a short exploration and then 12.5 years to return home. Or 11 years travel, 3 years exploring and then head home.)

 They have flying saucers!