Friday, December 6, 2019

Your Trip Into Space (1954)

I blogged about the American edition (1953) in 2010. so here is the British edition.

Poole, Lynn. Your Trip into Space.  Illustrated by Clifford Geary. London: Lutterworth Press. (192 pp.) 1954. 

 I appreciate the optimistic tone of this "blurb"

 Again the tone that we are sure that it will be 50 years or less shows how unsure it would go from "idea" to reality.  15 years later people were on the Moon.

 Note that launches were marked by a "signaling flare" in case you weren't paying attention :)

It ends with this phase: "Undoubtedly their dreams and yours will come true."

Friday, November 29, 2019

Ionel-Cosmonaut (1973)

Kerare, Petru. Ionel-Cosmonaut. Moscow. (18 pp) Softcover 1973.
 With very minimal words, the book shows a flight into space and seeming how space is part of man's greater journey. The illustrations are dreamy and strange which is appropriate since it is revealed at the end that this is the dream of a child.
 It consists of 9 double-page illustrations

 It becomes almost like a dream, or like the star gate from 2001....

Friday, November 22, 2019

L'Espace (1962)

Guillot, Ren√©. Illustrated by Giannini.  L'espace: Encyclop√©die en couleurs.
Geneve: Hachette. (100 pp.) 1962

So this is a sort of re-run. I blogged about the English translation of this book here 10 years ago:

So I did many more scans so you can appreciate the wonderful art in this book. Originally printed in French this has a number of beautiful painting of the planets adn of proposed manned exploration.

 The first part of the book takes us through the planets.

And last is Pluto
 In the second part they talk about manned flight and what had happen so far and what was to come.