Friday, September 19, 2014

Space Rockets (1958)

Toys in Space #7

The last of my Toys in Space posts.

This punch-out is really the earlier version of the 1961 Astronauts book. It is amazing how much changed in 3 years as the space program became a reality. I like the choices you have of different rockets. We have a Vanguard rocket, A U.S. Army Jupiter C, an X-17 rocket plane, and a "Bonestell/von Braun" 3 stage Z-1 heavy lifter. In addition we have a circular space station, a moon lander and a Sputnik.

Space Rockets to Punch Out and Assemble. New York: Golden Press. 1958. Giant Funtime Books

There is the X-17 rocket-plane, a "logical" extension of what was guess to be the first manned vehicle to get into space. Next to it is the Vanguard rocket.

 Compare these astronauts to the Mercury ones in the the 1961 book. I suspect that adding the Sputnik was their way of recognizing the space race.
 Observe the "Manned Satellite top and body" for the circular space station in this one
 And notice the Explorer-type (Jupiter C) satellite in this one and the "US Army" on the rocket. There still was no NASA.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Space Models (1960)

Toys in Space #6

Just a very quick book. There were only two space related models in here so I chose to give you a taste of them in the interest of posting all my punch-out books.

designed by Arnold, Arnold. Space Models: New York: Treasure Books.  1960. "A 3 dimensional push-out book."

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Rocket Trip to the Moon (1970)

Toys in Space #6

This Golden Book was also probably a re-print of a Japanese book. These beautiful models and machines remind me (and probably many of you) of Thunderbirds and other Gerry Anderson productions.

Russel, Geraldine Russell and Shiba Productions. A rocket trip to the moon. New York : Golden Press. 30 p. 27 cm.1970.

When looking at it I am astonished at the details they chose to include. The astronauts are a sort of nightmare Major Matt Mason bodies with strange doll heads.

I desperately want to own the model of this "moon buggy" Again the detail is wonderful.

The composition of this photograph is beautiful. The detail of the smoke in space is a small problem but maybe their rockets are dusty.

You cannot un-see the astronauts with giant heads!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Astronauts (1961)

Toys in Space #5
A beautiful punch-out book from the height of the space race.

Astronauts: Exciting, accurate punch-outs ready to assemble: Including Redstone Rocket, Ground Control Center, Launching the Atlas, and Recovery of the Astronaut. (1961) What more do you need to re-enact your own space program?

I like the astronauts and ground crew very much. The astronauts all seem to express personality and you get to choose who goes up first and who works Ground Control.

My favorite of this set is my "desk jockey action figure". He and the people like him were the heroes of those early days. While the astronaut was just "spam in a can" they had to monitoring second by second this risky ballistic flight (well technically they did make orbit).

Notice the "view wheel" so you could simulate what it was like to look at the capsule control panel (window) while you were up in space.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Machines in Space (1973)

Toys in Space #4

This one is literally pictures of space toys.  I really enjoy how it connects children imagining what their (your) toys are doing while they (you) play with them with the actual jobs of people exploring space. It looks like a translation or reprinting of a japanese book based on its style and approach.

Froebel. Machines in Space.[Place of publication not identified] : Froebel,1973. 13 p.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Project Go!: Big space punchouts for little astronauts (1963)

Toys in Space #2

A bit of a re-run. I finally re-scanned this item

so you could appreciate the punch-outs. In some ways this is kind of silly but

 They do include this "model" of a delta winged spaceship very similar to those being tested at the time. It also reinforces the military aspect of spaceflight development and testing.

 The designation X-1-7 puts this particular rocket firmly into the ranks of it's sibling test rockets.
 I am not convinced the flying saucer assembly had anything to do with the space theme expect it was easy to build.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Blast Off (1980)

Toys in Space #1

The next series of 7 postings I am calling "Toys in Space." As you will see my definition of children's fiction and non-fiction about space is a little blurry.  I think that all of these books (even this first one which is actually 1980) captures the space age excitement of having rockets, space explorers, and a whole set of dreams. Most of these book are few in pages so I will leave you to enjoy these images.....

Rose Art Studios.; Abisch, Roz. Blast off. New York : Mulberry Press, 14p. 27 cm. 1980.
A Mulberry adventure puppet book.