Friday, October 23, 2020

Farms of the Future (1957)


This is my 700th post and I have a treat for you.

I found a Farms of the Future calendar for 1957. These were distributed by the Shell Chemical Company.  I blogged about Your 1958 Shell Fertilizer Coloring Book here 3 years ago on Dec 22, 2017 but the illustration were in black and white.

I think they did these incredible space-age calendars for several years. The full color illustrations by Don Bloodgood and Forrest Shaffer of a future that never came are wonderful. While not intended for children, they have a child-like character to them. Each month has a "scientific" description of how this future might be possible. 

Between robot farm workers, arctic farms, and radioactively accelerated seeds maybe we are lucky we are not living in THAT future­čśľ

Friday, October 16, 2020

Ott's Adventure in Space (1982)

So this is a English translation of the Estonian book Ott in Space (1979) which I blogged about 3 years ago on Dec 8 2017.

But to connect it further back to the 1960s "the book is based on (from my "Googling" level of research) a 1961 Estonian stop-motion children's film "Ott in Space "  since the images seem very much the same.

So this particular book has a long history and I am happy to share the English translation (by Evi Mannermaa) so you can enjoy this "fable" about learning to read and listen.

Friday, October 9, 2020

Jack and Jill (September 1961)

Jack and Jill was a children's magazine that I had a subscription to when I was young. It has stories, puzzles, games etc. I often remember seeing copies of it at my doctor's office in the waiting room. The post today is the result of find a copy of the magazine from the artist's estate with a sketch of the cover. The cover itself is so "classic" that you can people selling prints of it online. So even if there is no back to school right now for most people we can remember that feeling of the Fall and new frontiers.

Rebecca F. Krehbiel was the daughter-in-law of the famous artist Alfred Henry Krehbiel. She and her husband Evan Krhbiel were popular illustrators of children's books, (including some in the Golden Book series) from the 1940s to the 1970s. She also had a syndicated comics strip and playfunnies that we seen all over the country. She had done several covers for Jack and Jill

She was asked by the editors to do both the cover of this issue and the illustrations for a "space play" inside.