Friday, September 20, 2019

To the Moon and Beyond By Space Ship (1953)

"To the Moon and Beyond by Space Ship : Supplementary Reading Material for Space Minded Pianists."

Here is a weird treat.  This is some 1953 sheet music that was created (perhaps) to cash in on the space craze and to entice young piano students to practice. The text and illustrations are exactly what helped young pianists want to go into space!

Weybright, June. Illustrated by Joseph R. Redka. To the Moon and Beyond by Space Ship.  New York : Belwin, Inc. (24 p.) 30 cm. 1953.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Mars, the Wretched Planet : Astral adventures (1954)

Some Italian children's science fiction today.  I really like the illustrations in this book. They seem very much of the moment in the early 1950s when everything space-age was being made for children. 

Chiarelli, Riccardo. Illustrated by Guido Lagna.   Marte Il Pianeta Misterioso : Avventure astrali (Mars the Wretched Planet: Astral Adventures). Toroino : Societa Editrice Internazionale.  (231 p.) 22 cm. 1954.

 Maybe my favorite illustration is "Cowboys and Flying saucers"


Friday, September 6, 2019

Peter, I and Atoms (1958)

Not really space content but a great space-age book from Russia about atomic theory. I like the pictorial style and wanted to share so nice art. It is a busy week so longer posts coming soon.

Peter, I and Atoms. Moscow. (72 p) 22 cm. 1958

Showing how fast atoms are moving

An atomic ramjet. The only "space-ish" related illustration.