Friday, January 22, 2021

Astronautics (1968)


Astronautics is one of a series of school textbooks from the "Follett Beginning Science" series. The art is simple and beautiful. It also depicts a lunar landing using a very different vehicle. I hope 2021 is treating you well.

May, Julian. Illustrated by Barss, Bill. Astronautics. Chicago: Follett Publishing Co. (28 p.) 1968.

Representation matters! This should not have been such a rare illustration.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Who to Fly? (1964)


Who to Fly? is a space-race alphabet book for children. I have not taken the time to translate but it is in order if you want to review your alphabet. Personally I like trying to puzzle out what word it is trying to teach.

Who to Fly? By Illya Turichin. Artist: T. Obolenskaya and B. Starodubtsev. Leningrad : Children's Literature. (58 p.) Softcover

Friday, January 8, 2021

Space Race (1952)


Happy 2021! Here is a game for you to play in case you didn't get what you wanted over the holidays.

The Space Race card game was created by the Ed-U-Cards Co, NY.  It is a little too early for me to have played it but it is one of the first popular uses of the term "Space Race" and may have influenced space-happy children to think about who would get to space first.  Rather than explain the rules, here is the sheet below. Basically first person to get all the destination cards 1-10 wins (but there are set-backs along the way).