Friday, August 17, 2018

The Moon on $5.00 a Day (1969)

A fun bit of ephemera, a greeting card/humorous manual from 1969 about going to the Moon.

Probably inspired by the upcoming Moon landing. Certainly intended as a joke gift from one adult to another, it is a fun short read.

The Moon on $5.00 a day. Jack Clements. Illustrated by Dan Henrich. American Greeting Corp. (24 pp.) 1969. "Hi Brows" series 100 M 55690.

 First you need a good reason to go to the Moon.

Prepare yourself with knowledge about the Moon.

Consider inviting your friends so the cost is easier to take.

 Finally always have an "exit plan" in case it does not work out for you.

Friday, August 10, 2018

"Preparing to Fly" (1974)

Sobirayemsya v polet - “Preparing to Fly” (1974)

 The title was not translated when I bought it. The seller called it "Animals in Space" which was not right either. My readers rescued me and translated it for me. Thanks.

It is a paperback fictional children's book about animals taking a ride in a rocket. The nice extra feature is the hole on each page that lets you see a preview of an animal in the hold of what is on the next page.

Basically I just liked the pictures and it is too hot to work anyway, so enjoy!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Man in Space (Disney) (1957)

I have a deep love for the 1955 Walt Disney's "Man in Space" feature film. I have blogged about other things I have found about it including a comic book:

and a classroom guide:

This is another neat item, a listing of the film in a Japanese film program.  When Man in Space made it to the theaters it was shown in Japan with the movie Bambi.  At the time a movie program for Bambi was sold and there was a a section about the Man in Space feature film.

I am supposing that the picture from "The Earth to the Moon" reflects the history of space flight in film.

 I am sorry it is not easier to translate Japanese but this is still a fun piece of ephemera.