Friday, February 3, 2012

The Prentice-Hall Book About Space Travel / The True Book About Space Travel (1954/1955) PART 2

As promised I have some more space art to share from these books.  For the first post see here:

The art in The True Book about Space Travel had been redone for American publication a year later.
 The first one up is this nice diagram of a manned flight. This is based closely on the British Interplanetary Society's (BIS) plans for a manned ship.

The next is the surface of Mars

Finally the V-2 "bumper" rocket set up that were the only actual rocket tests going on at the time.

Any conclusions to be drawn from these drawings?  Mostly they are interesting to see how two artists interpreted the same scenes. 

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  1. Not a comment on this post, but a question:

    I am trying to locate a childrens book from the early 1980's for young school children (about 6-8 years old). It was in our school library in the early 1980's.

    There was a series of these books. It was about A5 size with maybe 20 pages per book. There were full page space art style black and white drawings. The text was quite large font.

    The stories were set in space and described activities of a pair of astronauts. It is quite hard to remember the stories but the artwork I can remember quite well.

    The books were definitly aimed at children learning to read.

    I wonder if you might have any ideas?