Monday, February 27, 2012

Uchu-u Ryoko (travel/trip in the universe) (1971?) Part 2

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We pick up this space encyclopedia after we have landed on the Moon. I love this exploration vehicle, although it looks more like some of the proposed Mars "RV" vehicles.  It look like explorers could travel for several days in this beauty. although I lied in the previous post about showing the Moonbase, I guess I was just dreaming.
 And onward to Mars!  I think this "shot" comes just before the other cover painting.  I like the beautiful south pole and rich spring greenery.
 A very nice shot of Jupiter and a ship that would not look out of place in 2001.  Well equipped for the long voyage outward from Earth.
 The reason I guess this is an encyclopedia are the 4 pages of text at the end.  Since I don't read Japanese I thought I could at least show the really cool border they put around the text.
 Here is the diagram showing how the space station and the shuttle would work.
 And this diagram lays out our plan for conquest of the solar system.
A lot of really neat paintings that remind me of the wonders of space exploration that still might be yet to come.


  1. Huge fan love your work keep it up mon frere!!!

  2. The "Onward To Mars" pic reminds me a lot of this Disneyland "Mission To Mars" attraction poster.