Friday, February 12, 2016

The Illustrated Story of Space-The World Around Us #5, Classics Illustrated (1959)

Classics Illustrated. Illustrated by McCann, Gerald, Glanzman, Sam, and Tartaglione, John. The Illustrated Story of Space. Classics Illustrated. (80 p.) 26 cm. 

Contains illustrated stories on training for space, the first rocket to the Moon, the history and use of the rocket, the launch of Vanguard 1, and the construction of a space station. "The World Around Us" (#5) January 1959. Also UK edition World Illustrated #505.

So much to show, I wish I had the energy to scan all 80 pages of space goodness. Instead I have tried to take a deep sample of some of the articles inside.

This next story I am also lucky enough to have a couple of the pages from. Original art for this story is not valuable just really obscure, but I love these pen and ink drawings that are 19 inches tall in person.

 The last story in this book is slightly fictional but I think you will forgive me. It depicts the construction of a space station and then the launch from that station of a Moon expedition. Really nice set of illustrations of an adventure that was said to be just around the corner.


  1. Wonderful to see original art from these great stories. I'm curious what was removed in the V-2 takeoff panel. Obviously there was once a dialogue balloon there. Can you tell what was whited out?

    1. "By firing these we'll get some experience then we'll be able to build our own rockets"