Friday, February 19, 2016

Rockets, Jets and Missiles-Classics Illustrated 159A (1960)

Yet another of these great non-fiction comics. This one especially concentrated on the developing manned space program and its many off-shoots.

Classics Illustrated. Illustrated by Evans, George, Glanzman, Sam and McCann, Gerald. Rockets, Jets and Missiles. New York : Gilberton. (96 p.) 26 cm. 

 Covers the history of rockets, a dictionary of "space" terms, called "Space Talk," descriptions of each of the planets, military rockets, and Project Mercury. Many illustrations of rockets and astronauts. "Classics Illustrated Special" (Issue #159A) December 1960.

I enjoyed the many "Space Talk" illustrated definitions. the terms are focuses more on military rockets than manned flight but are very interesting. These are relatively sophisticated terms to share with children.

I also like these depictions of atomic propulsion and ion propulsion. the rockets are futuristic but the technology is described reasonably clearly.

Still more "Space Talk." I couldn't resist sharing the whole "dictionary."

 "Seven for space" is a nice story about the prospective Mercury astronauts and their training.

 "Off into Orbit" describes what the first orbital flight might be like.

 "Doorway to tomorrow" is their futuristic story . It describes how spaceflight will change our daily lives.

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