Friday, February 5, 2016

Adventures in Science- Classics Illustrated 138A (1957)

To kick off my February selection of Classics Illustrated space comics we have "Adventures in Science."

I primary collect non-fiction for children but most comics are fiction. Classics Illustrated was an important exception, along with their comic adaptations of famous fictional stories they also had non-fiction titles known as "Classics Illustrated Special Issues" and "The World Around Us." This one primarily has a nice space cover.

Classics Illustrated. Adventures in Science. New York : Gilberton. (96 p.) 26 cm.  Has “The Story of Flight”. Includes illustrations of rockets on the last page of the story and  a missile on the cover. "Classics Illustrated Special" (Issue #138A) June 1957.

The end of "The Story of Flight" has this nice page about the future.

What is the real hidden gem (of non-fiction) is this story "Andy's Atomic Adventure".

The story is basic in many ways illustrating how Timmy learns about how atoms work and how atomic energy will bring a bright new future. What is unexpected is how Timmy happens to lose his dog on an atomic bomb test site.

Yes, the dog survives and Timmy learns that "atoms don't kill every thing."
But I am not sure how healthy Spot will be if he has been dusted with fallout. They clean-up and incarcerate Spot while Timmy learns more about the atom. Most uses of the atom are energy and medical treatment, but then there is this last disturbing panel I will leave you with (not explained any further.)

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