Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Weekly Reader (1960-1966)

I admit it, I am addicted to Google Analytics. I have such an obscure hobby that it is very gratifying to see that I am reaching people all around the world.  What is even more fun is that the number of peole finding "Dreams of Space" per month is now averaging close to 1000 people. One of the postings that seems to attract lots of random Google searches is this one about "My Weekly Reader 1957-1958" from February 2009 so I thought I would do another about the 1960s.

My Weekly Reader was a weekly newspaper distributed in school. It had basic readings about the news and questions we would have to answer.  There was even a way for students to subscribe to a summer version so you would get your weekly news fix.

For elementary students this was a welcome break from school readers. The stories were interesting and fed our hunger for current events.

As the space age evolved this was my source of what was going to happen next in our space program. Sure I could look at magazines or try to watch the news (boring!) but this gave us something to talk about at recess.

Everyone's childhood seems endless so to find these fragile milestones of my past is a lot of fun.

And of course the best part of My Weekly Reader was that you got to take it home, so I have been luckily enough to rediscovery some child's stash that survived these 50+ (!) years


  1. Thank u so much. I LOVED my Weekly Reader 1964 thru 1970. And I did indeed get the summer editions every year! Thanks for the memories. Lynn Underwood, Lebanon TN

  2. I remember the Weekly Reader in elementary school, which was almost 50 years ago now. I have written a newsletter for my work place for almost 20 years, and guess what it is called?

  3. Reading about this makes me smile. The Weekly Reader is a reminder of such good memories; a time in life when teachers could have the windows open and you could smell the sea air. We would sit and read our magazines just enjoying childhood. Life was simple and so nice. Thanks for the memory.

  4. Me? I'm STILL WAITING for my personal commute helicopter to be delivered.

  5. Weekly reader changed my life beginning first grade. Remember, reading space articles and especially post in 1966 when two teenagers handled emergency communications using drake equipment from south America. Cut out article and saved for years. Would later become Ham Radio operator as teenager and saved several ham radio life's visiting repeater in mountains of Idaho. Beyond, enter electronics engineering and hired as first group of F/A-18 Tech Reps that supported US Navy world wide and later under contract to Kuwait Air Force, Kuwait. Everything, years of employement as direct result of weekly reader. Actually, looking for that article to share with third grade class of wife at Upi Elementary, Guam. Ready to setup old Kenwood TS-520, key, antenna and share my experiences with children on show/tell. Then, leave around without transmitter disabled for those to listen to code and voice. Return the favor. If anyone can point me towards that issue ... Please. email:

  6. I am now 76 years old and I vividly remember reading in My Weekly Reader while in the second or third grade (1947 or 1948) in Freer (TX) elementary school that one day we would have cars that would drive themselves. At the time we thought this to be a crazy prediction, but it now appears that maybe it was not all that crazy after all.

  7. There was a story in one MY WEEKLY READER about a boy named Ignatius Bernard Mannington. It left an impression on me. It was probably in the mid 1960s. I'd love to read that again. Spoiler alert!*****
    His initials were IBM. He was a computerized robot boy but didn't know it and was horrified when he found out. So was I!