Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tomorrowland : Pictures to Color (1955)

Still fascinated with the line between fiction and non-fiction. So here is a case of imaginary animals playing in a real place. How does putting animals in a spacesuit convince children that space is a "fun" place?

Why with Mickey Mouse of course. It looks like the art was done for this coloring book before the final construction of the Rocket to the Moon ride.

Here is how the rocket was shown in other illustrations:

So this is space art but of a very basic variety. But Tomorrowland meant spaceflight to a lot of people so Mickey Mouse is Disney:

The next few show Chip and Dale actually going to the ride pavilion and taking the ride

When you entered the ride you saw an auditorium with seats where you watch the central screen

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  1. This is the reason that my wife and I took the kids to Cape Kennedy ... for the excitement and bustling activity, not for the static dust bowl of a museum that is there now.