Friday, October 29, 2010

Space Diorama- Jack & Jill Magazine (June 1959)

Happy Halloween!!! Here is your treat for today (Be sure to click on the image): your own "Space Diorama."

Not quite a punch-out but rather a cut-out set of space pictures. One of the magazines for kids that was popular when I was little was Jack & Jill. It was always moderately interesting and it is always fun to get stuff in the mail. This was a centerfold that you could cut out. Usually they would have a game but it was a "Space Diorama" this time.

As you can see it was not presented as science fiction but rather something that just hasn't happened yet.

The influence of Chesley Bonestell's (and other) space art is undeniable in this illustration. This is what it would look like to stand on the Moon.

I also like the Rolf Klep style space suits. The three illustrators of the Collier's magazine space series were Rolf Klep, Fred Freeman, and Chesley Bonestell. Both Freeman and Bonestell were known for their magazine illustration but Klep was much less known. Nevertheless his spacesuit illustration set a standard for how suits should look.

As compared to the work of this unknown Diorama artist:

The spaceship's basic form was established in the early 1950s so this Diorama perpetuates the "classic" form.

Thanks for looking at this odd bit of ephemera. It still amazes me that almost exactly 10 years after this illustration was published of the "long time in the future" there were men on the Moon.

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  1. I am a member of a paper modeling online forum. I have restored a number of space flight dioramas from the Quaker Oats series for our forum. I would like to ask your permission to post this diorama, too, to our downloads section for others to build. The downloads are free. In fact, I have already color enhanced this diorama, restored the title, and removed the gate fold line. Any chance you would post the whole article along with the cover in a similar resolution. It would make a fine display. Thanks for posting this diorama!