Friday, July 23, 2010

Rockets and Satellites (1961)

Very primitive art in this one but still fun to see how the vision of space is interpreted.

Branley, Franklyn. Illustrated by Sokol, Bill. Rockets and Satellites. New York: Thomas Y Crowell. (40 p.) 21 x 23 cm.
Franklyn Branley did a number of science books for children, usually these were very basic with simple drawings. Harder to find now the art style is very memorable.
Also there was a 1964 UK reprint of this edition and a 1970 edition.
I don't have a lot to add because there are exactly the books that were in my school library and they taught me about launching and orbits and how the Moon circled the earth.
Reminders of a simpler time. When you could pick up a rocket and go "whooshing" to the stars.
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  1. i love the space art like this. Especially Erich Fuch's book

  2. ¡Graaaaaaaacias! Desde tierras de Vizcaya, en EspaƱa..