Monday, July 12, 2010

Read Magazine (1962)

Read Magazine (Oct 15, 1962 Vol 12, No. 4) This magazine (incorporating Young America magazine) had a special issue in 1962. READ Magazine was a children's classroom magazine for grades 6-10, published by Weekly Reader Corporation.
This snapshot of our planned space program is one of the thrills of searching through the neglected juvenile literature about space flight.

Here are the Dyna-Soars and the Delta-wing Gemini recovery and the Saturn rocket all co-existing in this vision of the future.

These men of space were a cross between the Buck Rogers of the "old school" and the Mercury 7 of the Life magazines articles.
Our Moonbase was just the beginning of this brave new world around the corner.

Everyone in America was involved in making this happen. We were together in a "race" that took the industrial tools of war and aimed them at the Moon.

Soon we will be making spaceships instead of airplanes.
The map to the Moon was self-evident and all we had to do was follow it.

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