Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Moonday (on a Tuesday!) plus 41 years

Just wanted to share my best wishes for the anniversary of the first people landing on the Moon!

Space Book for Young People (1958)

I am surprised how no one seems to care anymore. Last year being the 40th year the press gave a lot of coverage. But I am still amazed that I lived to see it so every year I like to stop and remember.
Lenticular postcard 1967 1952, 1958

So here are some books and emphera remembering when no one was sure it would happen:

First Trip to the Moon (1952) comic book
Race for the Moon (Spring 1958) First page of the comic book

French magazine

Today Magazine...The Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine (1962?)

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  1. Really enjoyed your site. From an artists stand point, space and space travel is so fascinating as illustrated by your examples. Another fun site is Plan 59. com: go to "Other" and then pop "Space." The things our children look at between birth and 5 years can truly design their dreams. Pictures and books on subjects such as space travel (or nature, or art, etc) could be just that spark that ignites their dream later. Thank you for sharing. Betty