Saturday, July 25, 2009

Man in Space : A Science Feature from Tomorrowland (1956)

This is sort of a re-run from February but I have more images this time, sorry for those of you that have seen this already.

An incredible cover anticipating the first space walks 8 years later.

Walt Disney. Walt Disney's Man in Space: A Science Feature from Tomorrowland. New York: Dell Publishing Co, Inc. (32 p.)

A "novelization" in comic book form of 2 Walt Disney television programs "Man in Space" (1955) and "Tomorrow the Moon" (1955). Many illustrations of rockets, astronauts, space stations, and a trip around the Moon. Also found as a 1956 UK reprint as "A World Distributors Movie Classic" ( #45) and 1958 Spanish reprint

See 1959 combined reprint with the other 2 Dell Comics adaptations of "Man in Space" films as: "Walt Disney's Man in Space" 1959. "Dell Comics" (#716).

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