Monday, April 6, 2009

Space Ship to the Moon (1952)

Mostly my collection is non-fiction but there have to be exceptions to everything. This is a wonderful children's book about taking a trip to the moon.

Reichert, E.C.. Illustrated by Bilder, A.K. Space Ship to the Moon. Chicago: Rand McNally and Co. (27 pp.) 20 cm.

But while fictional there is a lot of scientific fact in the book. My favorite illustration from the book is this one, where the books they take to the moon include a book on orbital mechanics!

I also like how the art reminds of of a "Dick and Jane" book with everyday children having an adventure.

The other illustrations I like include exploring the moon and walking to the "moon dome. An inexpensive visual treat and worth seeking out.

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  1. John,

    The text is far above the 'See the rocket? It's very big.' approach normally found is childrens books. That, and the wonderful illustrations, make a pefect book.

    Graham Bates