Thursday, April 23, 2009

Arrow at America's Spaceport (1966)

This is one of my favorite odd books.
Written by Pat Scarboro.
Arrow at America's Spaceport: The Children's Book on Space. Cape Canaveral, FL: Pat Scarboro. (96 p.) 28 cm. Softcover.

It is illustrated with many photographs which depicts Arrow, a palomino quarter horse, interspersed with pictures of the astronauts and the Kennedy space center equipment. Produced in the Cape Canaveral area it shows the horse giving us a spoken guided tour of various aspects of space flight. It was probably developed as a souvenir of the area. "
It was a"Golden Arrow Educational Books for Children" book but I haven't looked to see if there were others.

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  1. I found this same rare edition at a local flea market. Inside of the front cover reads ( This is the first in a planned series of Golden Arrow educational books for children ) I have never seen any consecutive issues , so apparently this is a one shot book.