Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flights into the future (1952)

Flights into the Future! How can you get a much more exciting title than that?

Flights into the future, A M Low; Jules Verne; Harry Harper; Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir. 125 p. illus., (part col.) 28 cm. London, Thames Pub. Co.

This is primarily a science fiction anthology in the form of a children's annual. What is of interest are the very nice color plates featuring future space travel and lots of great b/w illustrations.

Stories include: "From Earth to the Moon and a Trip Round it" by Jules Verne, and "Jungle of the Air" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The illustration show here look like the early BIS (British Interplanetary Society) plans for a moonlander. It some ways this was the vision of space for British children, that explorers like those who had conquered the Antarctic or Everest, will be the first to conquer the moon. The man on the cover gazing into the "future" is a prime example. I am also very fond of the volcanic crater in the lower illustration for how out of place because we know now what it "really" looks like.

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  1. Sorry to comment after such a long time, but I've just found this blog; great stuff! I particularly wanted to comment on this book, as I still have it from my childhood collection. I vaguely remember another written by Willy Ley, which I don't think I still own - perhaps I'll find a reminder here.

    Lots of stirring memories involving Kemlo and Patrick Morre science fiction books from the childrens' library...