Friday, May 22, 2020

Our Place in Space (1960)

Our Place in Space was a school text from Australia. It was part of a series of readers for the classroom. Because this is pretty obscure it is hard to catalog effectively so this is what I have. But it is fun to review it and add some scans of the great illustrations.

I blogged about this almost 10 years ago.

Our Place in Space (Pictorial Social Studies). Sydney: Australian Visual Education Pty. Ltd. (32 p.) 1960.

 Canals with water (and vegetation) on Mars.
 I like the repetition of the theory that there once was a planet between Mars and Jupiter and that is the asteroid belt.
 This illustration seems to imply that that the moons of Jupiter have enough atmosphere to "fly" vertically. (Thunderbird 7 activate!)

Forget my jet pack, where is my moonbus! That is one sporty vehicle.

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  1. I remember that book from the 1970s - some texts hung around long after they were out-dated in Public Schools.