Friday, May 1, 2020

Man's Reach Into Space (1959)

On with the re-runs/re-scans! Last seen here Friday, October 2, 2009 Man's Reach Into Space was more of an aerospace medicine book than a spaceflight book. It concentrated on the limits of the human/pilot body and how we could see if we could survive.

Gallant, Roy A. Illustrated by Ames, Lee J. Man’s Reach into Space. Garden City, NY: Garden City Books. (152 p.) 1959.

The book has full Double-page drawings that are spectacular. This one depicts the sound absorbing chambers used to learn about perception.

The massive centrifuge

The "rocket sled" to explore the effects of extreme g-forces.

One of my favorite "optimistic" illustrations. The color pallet is amazing.

Cats in space!!!

The extreme variety in predictions what future rocket might look like.

The rapid evolution in what a space suit might look like based on the aerospace testing programs.

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