Friday, July 12, 2019

Jacky's Trip to the Moon (1969)

Jacky's Trip to the Moon is another of these strange space travel books. The plot is about a monkey and a mouse at the zoo who tell a small girl they are planning to go to the moon. The girl does not believe them and bets them they won't, if they win they get to leave the zoo and move in with the girl.
OK...... So enjoy these wild and detailed illustrations.

Schwitter-Hamilton, Norma. Illustrated byGiorgio Guglielmetti. Jacky's trip to the moon. London : Ward Lock. (34 p.) 31 cm, 1969. 

 So the mouse and the monkey explore the world trying to find a way to get to the moon. Their solution is unique...they find Rocket Castle through a wizard's magic.

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