Friday, February 22, 2019

Journey to a New Earth (1970)

Journey to a New Earth (1-3). Sheila McCullagh. Illustrated by G Alfo Quin. Belmont, CA : Lear Siegler, Inc. (3 x 32 p.) Softcover 1970

The last one in the series is about interstellar exploration. The technology of the voyage is glossed over and they find dinosaurs :) but it is enjoyable to see this kind of journey illustrated for children. I also like how the space station and their interstellar ship seem very influenced by 2001 designs.

 Note they are planning to travel at the speed of light for 12.5 years to get to their destination 11 light years away. (12.5 years there, a short exploration and then 12.5 years to return home. Or 11 years travel, 3 years exploring and then head home.)

 They have flying saucers!

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  1. Another gem of a book. Certainly there's lots of influence from 2001 but I really love the entire aesthetic and design. Thank you so much for sharing these!