Friday, May 15, 2015

Over The Edge of the 20th Century (1962)

A Russian book about life in the future and technology.  Probably not for children but I enjoy these futuristic images so much.

Over the edge of the 20th century. Leningrad. 17.6 x 22.1 cm (6.9" x 8.7") 222 pages. 1962

Many of these illustrations seem familiar but I appreciate the "archetypal" nature of the soviet visions of the future. Shapes of rockets, use of helicopters, streamlined cars, etc.

I also like the buildings and other future technology. As near as I can tell the one below compares how computers used to take up buildings and now take up only a single room.


To finish out here are some nice space illustrations about the Soviet current successful missions and future plans for space.

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