Monday, November 4, 2013

Vom Feuerpfeil Zum Weltraumschiff (From fire arrow to spaceships) (1953)

For a change of pace a German children's book.

Gartmann, Heinz andTheo Lässig. Vom Feuerpfeil zum Weltraumschiff (From fire arrow to space ships)  München ; Wien : Andermann, (1953)

Heinz Gartmann wrote a number of books about spaceflight in the early 1950s.  This one has a few nice illustrations showing younger readers what the current state of rocket research was.

I like these next few illustrations, especially showing the proposed super rocket against German and American landmarks.

The book was mostly factual but did show a bit of the Bonestell space flight progression that could lead to a landing on the moon.


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