Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eagle Has Landed: The story of lunar exploration (1970) (part 2)

Finally here is part two of my Sept 27 posting:

Dwiggins, Dwight. Eagle has Landed: The Story of Lunar Exploration. San Carlos, CA: Golden Gate Jr. Books. (80 p.) 28 cm. 1970

So many interesting illustrations of possible futures...
 Some of the proposed designs for a shuttle and space vehicles.

Other lunar vehicles that would allow exploration and colonization of the Moon



  1. I think the book author is in error. They wrote "Space Tug called the SLOMAR for remote adjustment of nuclear power systems"

    In the 1960 Martin company document they say SLOMAR is for Space Logistics, Maintenance and Rescue. It states that "This SPACE TUG would be equipped with power tools and remotely controlled manipulators similar to those in use in the field of nuclear energy"

    Those are called "waldoes", but the point is they are not strictly confined to the field of nuclear energy. There is one on the International Space Station, called the Candadarm, which is used to move satellites, not service nuclear reactors.

  2. Thank you for putting up the info on this page. I had lost the info on the Lunar survival shelter since I get rid of my old 1960's encyclopedia set.

  3. The "survival shelter" art were painted by my brother, Ron Simpson, for NASA, when he worked in Design at McDonnell-Douglas. I have the originals. I have the World Book encyclopedia with the photos as well. Thank you for posting them.