Monday, October 1, 2012

To Other Planets (1962)

This is yet another in the series of posts about (virtually) the same Russian children's space book.

I have found a reprinted and (slightly updated) version from 1962.

The first edition was discussed in these posts:
 To Other Planets by Pavel Klushantsev 1959

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Since it is essentially the same book I am posting illustrations that you haven't seen before.
 Like their American counterparts, Russian children's publishers ran into the problem of the real space flights making the materials in their earlier editions obsolete within a few years. They also resorted to republishing thier books wih only a light updating to keep them current. As you can see this one had a new cover.
 Here is what a future exploration of Venus might look like. The jungle and the dinosaurs shows how the common understanding of what Venus might be like under the clouds had not been revised.
 And here is a future exploration of Mars. The vegetation and the flowing water is not too far off.
The basic rocket illustrations did not change and I especially love this comparison of the rocket to a Russian building rather than the usual skyscraper.
 In this launch pad illustration the cars and buses seem Russian also.

 This space station construction illustration is still the same but I like the red stars on the wings of the rocket.

Finally at the end of the book is the only substantial updating, a list of the launches and events since the 1959 first edition.

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