Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moving Ahead : Easy growth in reading (1945)

We tend to think of all that "brave new world of the future" excitement starting in the 1950s. However here is a 6th grade school textbook for children from the 1940s that definitely has a similar theme.

Moving Ahead had a variety of topics in it but the one closest to the designer's heart seems to have been the streamlined future.

Hildreth, Gertrude Howell. Easy growth in reading : moving ahead /
Philadelphia : Winston, 440 p. 1945

"The world of tomorrow" does not seem to differ much from the 1927 film Metropolis.
We have airliners, streamlined cars, hover buses? and enormous cities.  I do like how rockets will be part of our everyday transportation. Who needs an autogiro when you can catch a rocket to the nearest city?

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