Friday, July 20, 2012

Journey to the Moon -NASA Facts 40-11/67 (1967)

 It is two for one day at Dreams of Space!  From 1965 we move to 1967 and this beautiful NASA poster showing how we would go to the Moon.
Here the the preliminaries to the landing.  I am sure I remember this from my classroom when I was 8 years old.

The paintings are beautiful of what they expected to see. And for all you tech-heads out there here is a nice diagram of the LEM.

 On the backside of the map is an enormous painting which I could only scan in pieces.  Whether you were alive to see it or are only looking back, it was an awesome moment in the history of the human race and sets us all to dream of what might be possible.


  1. Wow, Earth looks huge. I wonder if it really does look that big from the moon, and if it does, what it would be like to live with that in your sky..

  2. Listening one night to the VOA back in the 60's, send an IRC to ?? and get your Journey to the Moon poster, I did and have still have it, worn and ripped and held together with tape, but its part of my youth and priceless.