Monday, July 2, 2012

Home on Orbit (1975)

This is "Home on Orbit" (roughly translated by the book dealer) published in Ukrainian in 1979 and originally in Russian in 1975.  

Home on Orbit.  22cm x 20cm (8.8" x 8") and 104 pages. 1975.

The book covers the history of space exploration in Russia up through the 1st planned joint US/Russia space misson: Soyuz-Apollo. 

  One of the most interesting parts of this book is when it starts discussing space stations.  It first covers the Russian and American efforts to live in space and the possible benefit of having a station there.

 It goes on to discuss what space stations in the future might be like.  It shows a nice pictorial history of what designs have been considered in the past.

The book then goes on to discuss how a space shuttle system would work to keep the station permanently staffed. 

Finally it shows what a Russsian space station of the future would look like. The level of detail reminds me of the old Collier's illustrations. The Russian youth of 1975 were also told that this future was just around the corner.


  1. Pink spaceships! Thats a first :-). Very refreshing.

  2. I scan this book on Russian: